CMT Formula 2050 Blade & Bit Cleaner (18 Oz.)

CMT Formula 2050 Blade & Bit Cleaner (18 Oz.)

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Removes pitch, resin and adhesive residue from any woodworking cutting tools.

Completely non-toxic, non-flammable, certified biodegradable, safe and earth-friendly.

Do not rinse after cleaning. provides protection from rust/corrosion. keeps table saw top rust free.

Can be applied by spray bottle or used in ultrasonic cleaners and dip tanks.

This product received a five-star performance rating from wood magazine.

Safe, effective and environmentally friendly! It's a fact that clean cutting edges run cooler, cut better and last longer. The number 1 reason blades seem dull is because of residue buildup on the cutting edge. I clean my blades and bits at the start of every project. It takes just a few minutes and makes a big difference in cutting quality.

Most blade and bit cleaning products work with a dissolving action, using some powerful and nasty chemicals to dissolve wood residues and adhesives. This safe and nontoxic formula 2050 penetrates the microscopic cracks in the resin and attacks the bond between it and the carbide or steel surfaces. The resin releases its grip and you simply wipe it off. Formula 2050 keeps your tooling clean and helps you increase the time between sharpening and replacement, and your satisfaction is guaranteed!

For best results, spray on tool surface and allow to soak in for a few minutes. Wipe clean with a cloth, rag or sponge. For heavy pitch buildup, a soft brass bristle brush can be used. PRODUCT FOR PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY

Removes pitch, resin and adhesive residue from all woodworking cutting tools (saw blades, router bits, drill bits, shaper cutters, planer blades, etc.). Formula 2050™ is a safe, earth-friendly product.