3D Cutting Board 11 Part In-Depth Video Class

3D Cutting Board 11 Part In-Depth Video Class

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Comprehensive Video Class for the 3D Cutting Board seen in this video

Class includes almost 2 hours of in depth, step by step, video instruction, as well as dimension-ed drawings, 10 long form instructional videos, glue-up layout plans, pictures of lay-out and several unique methods for cutting repeatable pieces for a tessellation cutting board like this one. The class is hosted by Thinkific and allows discussion and direct conversation with other students.


  1. Introduction

  2. Milling Lumber Day 1

  3. Milling Lumber Day 2

  4. Cutting Your Pieces

  5. Making Clamping Blocks

  6. 1st Glue Up

  7. 2nd Glue Up

  8. 3rd Glue Up

  9. Squaring, Sanding and Final Touches

  10. Finishing

  11. Wrap Up

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