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Meet Juston Bohannan of Wild Chicken Woodworks.

In his own words, Juston’s “just a guy doing occasional woodworking and DIY projects.”

How he got started: “With a Craigslist table saw and the desire to make something.”

His favorite project: “Dice tower with tray that I built for my daughter.”

Check out the Dice Tower on his Instagram page. But here’s a beautiful mallet he made.

Juston’s advice to other makers: “Don't try to do more than time allows. Rushing in the shop is never a good idea.”

That’s a lesson I’m sure we’ve all learned the hard way!

Check out Juston’s work and follow him on Instagram @wildchickenwoodworks




Meet Nathan Kroeger of Wild Turkey Woodworking.

Nathan’s a self-proclaimed “weekend” woodworker — but certainly finds the time to make his projects look great.

How he got started: “Just for fun!”

His favorite project: “A bent lamination coffee table.”

Very cool way to get those curved sides on the table. Looks amazing!

Nathan’s advice to other makers: “Just start working with what you have.”

Check out Nathan’s work and follow him on Instagram @wildturkeyww




Meet Marc Young of My Sky Wood Creations.

Marc’s specialty: “Exotic wood creations - Game boxes, humidors, keepsake, tea boxes - small wine fixtures.”

How he got started: “Have always admired beautiful pieces created with fine craftsmanship. I decided to invest in equipment and start honing my skillset over many years.”

His favorite project: “A tea box for a cherished family member.”

WOW. What a piece Marc… fit for the royal family!

Marc’s advice to other makers: “Woodworking is an ever-evolving learning experience. Always be learning, it will inspire others.”

Check out Marc’s work and follow him on Instagram @myskywoodcreations




Meet Wojciech Putowski of Blank Plank.

Wojciech’s specialty: “Woodworking in general - I tend to make frames regularly and I love miters, so boxes and waterfall tables are my thing too.”

How he got started: “Back in 2017 my wife wanted to buy a very expensive coat hanger. I said I’d make it myself, of course. I watched some Paul Sellers videos, bought a chisel, a japanese saw and a small square and did it.”

His favorite project: “My first ever door. A rail and stile door with six panels in pine I made for a friend that’s restoring a century-old apartment to match the other existing ones. I used a router table that I made and a lot of hand tools and I’m super proud of it 🙂.”

Didn’t find a picture of the door, but check out this amazing iroko bar cart Wojciech made!

Wojciech’s advice to other makers: “Marking is everything. If you mark right you cut right. That and keep trying new things, don’t stop pushing your limits.”

Check out Wojciech’s work and follow him on Instagram @wp.blankplank




Meet Jason Adrian of JMA Wood Studios.

Jason’s a woodworker who makes bandsaw boxes like you’ve NEVER seen before.

How he got started: “I bought a bandsaw!”

His favorite project is a bandsaw box he made called “The Scorpion.”

This is one of the most epic boxes I’ve ever seen. I’m also scared that if I opened it, it would unleash a 1000 year curse on my family.

Jason’s advice to other makers: “Learn from mistakes and don't be afraid of failure.”

Check out Jason’s work and follow him on Instagram @jmawoodstudio




Meet Andrew Murray of Husky Boy Woodworking.

Andrew’s a woodworker, cabinet maker, and built-in extraordinaire.

How he got started: “I built a table for my own home and it was an obsession thereafter.”

His favorite project: “A bourbon bar I did a couple of months ago.”

Didn’t find a picture of the bar… but check out this flawless built-in media station. Beauty!

Andrew’s advice to other makers: “If you aren't making mistakes, you aren't doing anything to push yourself.”

Check out Andrew’s work and follow him on Instagram @huskyboywoodworking




Meet Mike Klomp of Woodcrafter’s Corner.

Mike’s specialty: “Woodworking. Hardwoods and exotics are my passion and making new innovative things from cutting boards to furniture.”

How he got started: “I worked as a wood sculptor at Middleton sculptures making silhouette figures, animals, people. Learned anything from wood selection to 3 dimensional cutting on a bandsaw to finishing.”

Mike’s favorite project is a guitar stand he built.

Too cool, Mike! Guessing you can rip on the table saw and guitar.

Mike’s advice for other makers: “Flat, straight, square, good prep work for joinery makes easy glue ups and great projects shine.”

Check out Mike’s work and follow him on Instagram @woodcrafterscorner




Meet Justin Jaynes of By Justin Custom Woodworks.

Justin is a hobbyist woodworker who mainly makes cutting boards (with all sorts of rad geometric designs).

How he got started: “Active duty Naval Officer - I started woodworking for stress relief and practice in mindfulness.”

His favorite project: “Mid century modern nightstand made for my wife as an anniversary gift.”

Just LOOK at that grain wrap! Amazing.

Justin’s advice to other makers: “It’s just wood.”

A man who has his priorities straight.

Check out Justin’s work and follow him on Instagram @byjustincustomwoodworks




Meet Alex Heywood of Ash Woodworking Studio.

Alex is a woodworker who makes his projects using recycled skateboards.

How he got started: “I built a nightstand of all my old skateboards with a family member, and felt I had just found my true passion for life.”

His favorite project: “A coffee table made from recycled skateboards, pallets, and oak.”

Too cool, Alex!

Alex’s advice to other makers: “Reach out to fellow craftsmen! Especially older ones, they can teach you everything and more.”

Check out Alex’s work and follow him on Instagram @ashwoodworkingstudio



Meet Stacy Taylor of Restor Wood Windows.

Stacy specializes in historic wood window repair, restoration, and reproductions.

How he got started: “A buddy of mine asked me if I had ever thought about working on wood windows. I said, ‘Um, no.’ The next thing I knew I was knee deep in wood window work!”

His favorite project: “A brand new project we just started making historic custom wood storms with laminated glass to help reduce sound pollution and improve weatherization.”

I could spend all day daydreaming while looking out this window (*sips tea, thinks about the one that got away*).

Stacy’s advice to other makers: “Always look for ways to do things better and never stop learning. I spend hours every week on YouTube watching videos to learn new tips and tricks to make me a better craftsman.”

Check out Stacy’s work and follow him on Instagram @restorwoodwindows




Meet Marty Johll of Tech-n-Wood.

Marty’s a woodworker with a very digital background.

“My craft is learning. Learning all I can about different aspects of woodworking and the business of woodworking. I am shifting from 30 years as an IT professional to woodworking.”

How he got started: “My dad passed in 2013 and left a practically fully loaded 32x22 shop behind. In late 2019 I decided to clean it up and get it back into a functioning shop. During the pandemic it was my place to escape and while working in the shop decided to make it my retirement side hustle.”

His favorite project: “The liquor cabinet is my favorite so far. During the pandemic I took an online course on Fusion 360 for woodworking. This is the first project from concept, to design, to 3D modeling and building that I've completed.”

That’s a cabinet worthy of only the finest liquors around. Beautiful work!

Marty’s advice to other makers: “Patience. Woodworking takes time, slow down and enjoy it.”

Check out Marty’s work and follow him on Instagram @tech_n_wood



Meet Zac Builds!

Zac is a Toronto contractor turned online content creator. He began to learn about residential construction through spending his weekends on jobsites with his father and grandfather as a boy. Zac’s life-long interest in construction has provided him with a truly diverse skillset and the propensity to think outside the box. He is a jack-of-all-trades in the maker’s community who does not want to limit himself to one medium or craft: “If anything, I consider my craft to be learning as many different building techniques as possible.” Check out Zac’s YouTube channel where he shares videos on furniture making in such different mediums as wood, concrete, and steel!

Favorite Project: My desk. I designed it from the ground up to be the ultimate video editing workstation, so it's got basically every modern piece of tech you could imagine integrated into the desk. It truly tested my skills as a woodworker.

Zac’s Pro Tip: Always try new things. Push yourself outside your comfort zone as often as possible. The act of learning itself is a skill, and the more you practice it the better you get.



Nick is a truly remarkable individual who creates awesome tools and stunning masterpieces with wood. But that’s not the most amazing thing about Nick. Being a craftsman with one hand, his very first build was a game controller that allowed him to play video games with a controller designed for two-handed people. What a unique and inspiring entry into the world of woodworking.

Nick also makes some of the most incredible infill hand planes. I recently purchased an infill block plane from him and love it!

Favorite project: “My favorite project is my 21-inch infill jointing plane. This project thoroughly tested my limits as a craftsman. Most of the components were cut out by hand with my trusty hacksaw. The lever cap is bronze, and the body is made of mild steel infilled with Katalox.”

Nick’s pro-tip: “The best advice I can give if you are looking to improve your work is to share it with others and engage with communities. We can connect with one another unlike any other point in history. Almost every person I have met in maker communities are genuine and kind and they can share tacit knowledge that far surpasses the baseline. Engage with others, lift others up, and allow others to be critical when it's constructive.”

Make sure to follow Nick on Instagram @bent.rivers and check out his stuff.



Meet Jason Kaalberg of Spyridon Woodworking.

Jason’s a hobbyist woodworker who’s always trying new things.

How he got started: “Learning that the actor Nick Offerman, who played legendary Ron Swanson, is a woodworker in real life.”

His figurine watches over all I do.

His favorite project: “The solid maple crib that I just completed for my first child.”

That baby’s going to have a degree in reading wood grain. Congrats, Jason!

Jason’s advice to other makers: “There is always more than one way to bring a project together. Enjoy the ride and learn from your experiences. Never be too proud to reach out and ask for help, whether it be online or at your local woodworking store.”

Check out Jason’s work and follow him on Instagram @spyridon_woodworking_llc




Meet Hunter Locke of Black Tenon Furniture.

Hunter’s a custom furniture maker who’s really a young master of the craft.

How he got started: “I started woodworking 4 years ago at 21 years old. It’s the classic story of needing furniture for my apartment but not being able to afford the nice stuff. Jump to 4 years later and I have a full workshop with expensive machinery (worth more than the furniture would have been to buy) and work coming my way as I grow in this industry.”

His favorite projects: “My Mccord table. My clients gave me a lot of freedom with the design and basically entrusted me to make a table for them with zero stipulations. It was a very fun project and I love how it turned out. I also recently made a 16’ solid cherry conference table with a buddy of mine that turned out fantastic.”

Hunter’s advice to other makers: “Continue to keep doing what makes you love this craft. If you’re looking to turn it into a business, meet other makers in the area. Try to reach out to local interior designers and establish a connection there. If you are a hobbyist, continue to build what makes your passion grow. Challenge yourself to try new techniques! And of course, buy more tools!”

Check out Hunter’s work and follow him on Instagram @blacktenonfurniture




Meet Logan Corliss of Mountain View Woodworking.

Logan’s a woodworker out of Vermont who works with everything from a hand plane to a CNC.

How he got started: “Needed a hobby out of the Army. Safe to say i found it.”

One of his favorite projects: “A recent Maple Bathroom Vanity I built with solid slab floating panels on either end and curly maple drawer and doors.”

Logan’s advice to other makers: “Take your time, enjoy the process, gain as much knowledge as you can, and keep at it.”

Check out Logan’s work and follow him on Instagram @mountainviewwoodworking




Meet Mark Hage — or as he puts it:

“Information Security consultant by profession. Woodworker by hobby.”

How he got started: “Started a crafts furniture-making course 4 months ago (absolute beginner).”

His favorite project: “ Making a jewelry box inspired by a JKM youtube video :)”

The box looks amazing, Mark. (And he made it almost exclusively with hand tools!)

Mark’s advice to other makers: “Something I still have to keep reminding myself: Slow Down!! Slow is Fast.”

Check out Mark’s work and follow him on Instagram @mark.hage.001




Meet Austin Simon of Saucy Woods LLC.

Austin’s a cabinet and furniture maker with some out-of-this-world experience (literally).

How he got started: “I started working for Nasa building exhibits 10 years ago, and as that was cool it got slow and didn't satisfy me anymore so I started Saucywoods custom cabinets and furniture.”

“I even got to build a display box to house a moon rock that’s In the Oval Office.”

WHAT!? Now that’s a flex.

His favorite project: “I just finished up a large gun room and library style museum for a client filled with taxidermy.”

No photo of that build, but here’s a beautiful chair Austin made:

Austin’s advice to other makers: “My biggest tip I have is to not be afraid of a job, you can do anything you set your mind to even when you feel like it’s not possible.”

Check out Austin’s work and follow him on Instagram @saucywoods_llc



modern dresser


Meet Caleb Jordan of Up North MN Shop.

Caleb is a woodworker specialized in furniture making.

How he got started: “My wife had her heart set on a piece of furniture until she saw the price. So I built it!”

His favorite project: “A custom modern dresser for my good friend.”

Looks like a timeless classic. Nice job, Caleb!

Caleb’s advice to other makers: “Keep going. Ask for help. Make a plan and practice!”

Check out Caleb’s work and follow him on Instagram @upnorthmnshop




Meet James Snow of Snow Woodworks.

James is an accomplished furniture maker with a focus on Greene and Greene.

How he got started: “As an outlet from being a police officer.”

His favorite project: “A Greene and Greene TV corner stand for my dad.”

You can see photos of the TV stand on his Instagram. But I wanted to highlight this side table. Looks so good!

James’ advice to other makers: “My favorite quote from my dad. ‘Hard work wins’. Keep at it and never stop learning g!”

Check out James’ work and follow him on Instagram @snow_woodworks



Thomas Felty guitar


Meet Thomas Felty — a talented woodworker and luthier (guitar maker, for the layman).

How he got started: “When I first came home from Vietnam I hitch-hiked for a few years finding odd jobs as a laborer in the trades. Got the woodworking and guitar playing bug during those days. I didn't like playing in bar bands so I decided to do the two things I love to do the best. Build stuff. I found I had a natural ability for both and worked in a high end architectural mill shop plus built and played guitars to stay sane.”

His favorite project is a beautiful curly maple guitar he made to honor the Sept. 11 victims of Flight 93.

That is some seriously masterful work — and a beautiful tribute.

Thomas’ advice to other makers: “Do what you love and it will bring the best out of you.”

Check out Thomas’ work and follow him on Instagram @twfelty



slab tabletop


Meet Bruce Osgood of Bruce Tries Stuff.

Bruce is a serial learner and hobbyist who’s dipping his toes into woodworking… and went big for his first project.

How he got started: “My son’s fiancée was going to order a desk off Amazon. Without any experience I decided to make something more special.”

His favorite (and first) woodworking project: “Live edge desk with hand cut and inlaid bow ties and blue epoxy.”

Holy epoxy-mole — maple slab and walnut bowties? That’s a strong start!

Bruce’s advice to other makers: “Just try… you might surprise yourself.”

Check out Bruce’s work and follow him on Instagram @brucetriesstuff





Meet Richard McCutcheon of Woodnote Studio.

Richard’s a woodworking hobbyist who isn’t afraid to push his skills.

How he got started: “Helped my dad renovate our living room and fell in love with cutting wood.”

His favorite project: “Walnut Bourbon Flight holder with ash inlay.”

Amazing job on that inlay, Richard!

Richard’s advice to other makers: “Don’t be afraid to try what you hope to accomplish.”

Check out Richard’s work and follow him on Instagram @woodnotesstudio


cherry coffee table


Meet Alton Bell of Georgia Yankee Workshop.

Alton’s a custom furniture maker who enjoys teaching woodworking to others.

How he got started: “I took a shop in high school and loved it.”

His favorite project: “The cherry coffee table I built from a cut down tree.”

Incredible build!

Alton’s advice to other makers: “Buy the best tools you can afford a little bit at a time.”

Check out photos of Alton’s work here!



3d printed toys


Meet Michael Musgrove of Rip Cut Pro.

Michael’s a longtime woodworker who’s also into 3D printing.

How he got started: “My father had a well-equipped shop for cars that he raced when I was growing up. He naturally had a lot of woodworking tools, which I gravitated to. That was about 47 years ago.”

His favorite project: “Either a monstrous workbench I built right before having to sell it,or a trashcan I overengineered to keep an American Foxhound out of. She was obsessed with garbage. And someone else liked it so much they stole it!”

No pictures of those builds… but here’s some of Michae’s 3D printed creations.

Michael’s advice to other makers: “Patience is the key to mastery.”

Check out Michael’s work and follow him on Instagram @ripcutpro



kid's stool


Meet Michael Bowles of Smush — a company that builds Montessori kid’s furniture for the local South African market.

How he got started: “Flying blind!”

His favorite project: “For sure it was designing and building a learning tower...the trial and error was worth the effort.”

Looks like a blast for the kiddos. Love the design!

Michael’s advice to other makers: “If a design or measurement did not work out then it was not a failure, it was a lesson.”

Check out Michael’s work and follow him on Instagram @smush_sa





Meet Jozef Haracz — a super talented woodworker and leather worker.

He started woodworking as a hobby during the pandemic. And he’s clearly wasted no time in improving his skills.

His favorite project is a Bar Cart he made that looks absolutely incredible.

Jozef’s advice to other makers: “Try different techniques.”

Check out Jozef’s work and follow him on Instagram @madebyjozef




Meet Jaimy Piccirilli — a woodworker who started building jewelry boxes after watching a video from yours truly!

How he got started: “Needed to build some things for a home of ours that burned down in a wildfire.”

His favorite project: “This jewelry box.”

Looks familiar 😜 Really nice job!

Jaimy’s advice to other makers: “Just try, that’s all it takes.”

Check out Jaimy’s work and follow him on Instagram @jpicc72



WOODEN land rover


Meet Jerry Lomax of Work With Your Hands.

Jerry builds and sells wooden kits you can assemble into different projects — and they are way too cool.

How he got started: “I've had a passion for teaching youth to learn skills for a lifetime. The vision has developed over 30 years of raising our own family and looking for ways to inspire them to be excellent in all they do.”

His favorite projects: “A land rover and camper trailer.”

And there are so many other build kits he has available as well.

Jerry’s advice to other makers: “Find things you are passionate about and just keep working on them until your dreams become realities.”

Check out Jerry’s work on his website