We believe that woodworking should be accessible to ALL.

Woodworking is more than a hobby, it's an obsession, a passion... a lifestyle. Woodworkers have an instinctual drive to create new things with our hands and experience the pride that comes with a job well done.

Our mission is to empower YOU, whether you’re a hobbyist or a professional woodworker, with the tools, educational resources and design plans you need to create pieces that last a lifetime.  

You pour your heart and soul into every project. Whether you’re bringing an old piece of Grandpa's furniture back to life; building a crib for a new baby on the way; putting together a cabinet to store all of your trinkets or designing a dining room table for your family to enjoy for years to come…

These are labors of love that DESERVE best-in-class support and tools that work. That’s exactly why we’re here.

It shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg to get functional woodworking tools. You shouldn’t need a college degree to design and build amazing wooden masterpieces that will last for generations.

Katz Moses Tools (KM Tools) is your one stop shop for all things woodworking, including tutorials, tools, product reviews, design plans and community support from fellow craftsmen and women.


KM Tools was born over 10 years ago when one man decided to fulfill his dream of becoming a master craftsman.

Jonathan Katz-Moses followed his passion and went from making small jewelry boxes in 2014, to running a 5,000 sq ft woodworking shop with over 11 paid staff.  

During that process, he bought and used a heck of a lot of tools, but most of them ended up being a huge disappointment. After wasting time and money using tools that didn’t work and following half-assed design plans, Jonathan decided there must be a better way.

That’s when KM Tools was born! Jonathan created a YouTube channel dedicated to high-quality woodworking tutorials and instructions. With nearly 400k subs and over 45 million views on YouTube, it's safe to say that these trainings and resources turned out to be pretty damn valuable.

Jonathan also began creating his own woodworking tools, one of which inspired Steve Ramsey to crown Jonathan the 'King of the Dovetail joint'.


Battle-tested, affordable tools that work as hard as you do

We offer a wide range of premium quality tools for the enthusiast craftsman as well as for the professional woodworker. A large portion of our tools are made in-house, and we work with companies to develop tools that we battle test in our own workshop to ensure that you will be 100% satisfied with every product you buy from us.

If it’s in our store, it’s in our shops!

We have created some of the most functional and inexpensive woodworking tools and supplies on the market. We're all about making sure you get the most bang for your buck. While our tools are affordable, we NEVER skimp on quality.

You're definitely gonna want to check them out. How about… Right now!


People over Profits

At Katz-Moses Tools, we support every maker’s journey through educational videos and blogs with instruction and inspiration for your own woodworking projects.

We work with content creators who believe in our mission to become the heart and soul of the online woodworking community in the United States and around the globe.

Through our socially conscious content, build plans, templates, philanthropy, and product distribution, we’re proud to have created a space that is completely free from corporate influence.

Follow your passion. Join the community. Begin your craftsman’s journey today by getting the equipment and educational resources you need.