Making Woodworking Accessible To All

The Katz-Moses Woodworkers With Disabilities Fund

Our mission is to support craftsmen and women with disabilities so they can better pursue their woodworking hobbies, passions, and careers.

How To Get Involved


We need your support. The KMWDF on a rolling basis purchases tools for qualified grantees to overcome their disabilities and help them enjoy their hobby and craft. These tool purchases are funded directly by our generous donors.

Apply as a Recipient

If you're a woodworker or maker with an ADA recognized disability, please apply. We review and approve applications on a rolling basis to provide tools and community support. No ADA recognized disability is too small.


We are looking to mobilize our broad volunteer base to support our MWDF disabled community. If you are only capable of donating your time, please apply.

About the KMWDF

The Katz-Moses Woodworkers with Disabilities Fund (KMWDF) is a non-profit that proudly supports woodworkers who have physical and mental disabilities by providing the resources they need to grow their hobby, craft or business.

Designing and creating things on your own is one of the most fulfilling and healing activities one can take part in.

The sense of pride and self confidence that goes along with completing a project is something we can all relate to and the effect can’t be understated.

All too often, our fellow craftsmen and women with disabilities have a hard time obtaining the resources they need to reap the rewards woodworking has to offer.

Our primary mission is to get tools into their hands to help them better pursue their passion.

Whether these individuals are living with the effects of an accident, genetic handicaps, combat related physical disabilities or mental disability, we’re here to help.

Individuals with ADA recognized disabilities may apply to receive aid in the form of tools to help them overcome their disability in the shop and better enjoy their hobby, craft, or livelihood. If you are an organization that works with individuals with ADA recognized disabilities and seeking tools or support, please contact us directly.

Our Past Projects

Paul Jackman and the Adjustable Workbench

Last year we linked up Paul with Stephen, a KMWDF recipient with ALS and his build did not disappoint. Despite having a busy and very regimented build and content schedule, Paul whipped up this impressive adjustable height workbench with incorporated storage, utilizing electric standing desk hardware for adjustability. He went an extra mile by putting Stephen’s logo for his woodshop into the workbench top and hand delivering it to him in Massachusetts JUST in time for the holidays. Paul is an awesome woodworker with a huge heart and we loved working with him on this collaboration.

Meet Our Charity Director

Chris Giffrow of Cow Dog Craft Works is spearheading our mission at the Katz-Moses Woodworkers with Disabilities Fund.

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Questions about the Katz-Moses Woodworkers with Disabilities Fund? Email us here.