CMT Orange Tools Digital Angle Finder
CMT Orange Tools Digital Angle Finder
CMT Orange Tools Digital Angle Finder

CMT Orange Tools Digital Angle Finder

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This is the Digital Angle Finder I’ve been using for years. It’s one of my favorite table saw accessories by far — especially for making sure the blade is exactly 90° or 45° for perfect fitting joints.

It has a magnetic base for attaching to vertical and angled surfaces, is waterproof in case you need to use it out in the wild, and comes with batteries included. Beast mode.

This digital protractor provides digital readings between ±90°x 4 with a resolution of 0.1° and features auto shut off after 5 minutes. I can’t remember ever changing my battery and I’ve had mine for 4 years.

It is small enough to be carried around in your apron but I like to just leave it on my table saw fence for easy access. 

It incorporates magnets in the base for adhesion to any ferrous surface to accurately measure mitre and bevel angles on mitre saws, saw benches, etc. You could just stick it to the side of your tool just as easily as putting it on your fence.

  • Accurately sets saw blade bevel angle, works great for miter saws and table saws.
  • Automatic LCD backlight
  • Large display for easy digital reading
  • Measurements in absolute or relative mode
  • Angles displayed in degrees
  • Automatic digit inversion for overhead measurements
  • Set to ZERO
  • Magnetic base
  • Case included
  • Instruction manual


Range:                ±90°x 4

Resolution:         0.1°

Battery:               Included

Battery Type:      AAA-1.5V; Alkaline

Dimensions: 60 x 60 x 28mm - (2-3/8” x 2-3/8” x 1-1/8”)