We believe that woodworking should be accessible to ALL.

And that includes craftsmen and women with disabilities.

The Katz-Moses Woodworkers with Disabilities Fund (KMWDF) is a non-profit that proudly supports woodworkers who have physical and mental disabilities by providing the resources they need to grow their hobby, craft or business.

Designing and creating things on your own is one of the most fulfilling and healing activities one can take part in.

The sense of pride and self confidence that goes along with completing a project is something we can all relate to and the effect can’t be understated.

All too often, our fellow craftsmen and women with disabilities have a hard time obtaining the resources they need to pursue their passion and reap the rewards woodworking has to offer.

The KMWDF aims to use our vast reach to connect these makers with disabilities to people who can support them, body, mind and soul.

Whether these individuals are living with the effects of an accident, genetic handicaps, combat related physical disabilities or mental disability, we’re here to help.  

For donations and all other inquiries please email: