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3/8″ Spiral Up-Cut Bit – 1/2″ Shank *Astra Coated*

1/2″ shank with 3/8″ cut diameter offers a stronger bit with less material waste. Perfect for larger production CNC machines.

  • Astra Coated
  • Solid Carbide
  • 3/8″ cutting diameter
  • 1/2″ shank
  • 1-1/4″ length of cut.
  • 3-1/2” overall length
  • Up Cut
  • Made in USA

These tools are coated with a proprietary high performance *Astra coating* that allows higher speed & feed rates as well as 2x the extended tool life & increased lubricity in abrasive material

Jonathan's Hot Take:

Up-cut spiral bits are my most used bits when I'm trying to clear chips or get a clean edge on the side of the stock furthest from my tool.

These bits provide the HIGHEST VALUE because the Astra Coating makes them last at least 2-4x longer than uncoated bits. This is one of those times that spending a little more upfront saves you a lot of money down the line.

Spiral bits perform 100x better and 100x longer than straight bits. I recommend staying away from straight bits in general, because they dull so much faster and their aggressive cutting profile can be much less safe.

Check out the video in additional resources for more info.

1/2 x 3-1/2” Solid Carbide Flat (SQ) End Mill with a .375 (3/8″) cutting tip and a 1-1/4 inch length of cut.

Our spiral upcut bits provide a shear cutting edge that leaves a smoother cut than standard router bits. Up cut spiral design provides the best control with hand or table routing. When creating dado’s this design brings chips up and out of the cut. Perfect for milling plastic, wood and aluminum.

This bit works really well on the Pantorouter!

These tools are coated with a proprietary high performance *Astra coating* that allows higher speed & feed rates as well as extended tool life & increased lubricity in abrasive material.

What is an UpCut bit?

UpCut bits allow for rapid cuts since the tool clears the chips away from the material. While Ideal for cutting thicker materials, this type of tool is not recommended for thinner or softer materials. They are more likely to tear the top surface with the cutting edges because they’re pulling the wood fibers up while cutting. When cutting laminated materials, such as plywood with a thin top veneer, that can matter a lot. This type of bit is used whenever the best finish is needed on the bottom side of a part.

Made in the USA by KM Tools

This data serves as a general guidance only.
  • Soft/Hard Woods/ Plywood – (Spindle Speed- RPM: 18K ) – (Feed Rate – IPM : 200-230″) – (Ramp Down: 100-115″) – (Chip Load per Tooth: 0.0064″)
    MDF / Laminate / Melamine – (Spindle Speed- RPM: 18K) – (Feed Rate – IPM : 350-390″) – (Ramp Down: 180-200″) – (Chip Load per Tooth: 0.0108″)