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CMT Orange Tools Locking Precision Dado Blade Set 8" X T12 FTG+ATB

Jonathan’s Hot Take:Really cool dado set. If you’ve ever seen my Sawstop video you know that when a dado brake activation happens the teeth can come in contact with each other and shatter. This solves that problem and is certainly the safest dado out there for use in a Sawstop. It is also the only dado stack that is compliant with EU regulations. It also comes with a bunch of magnetic shims and chippers which is great.

Description: CMT is proud to introduce a brand new Patent Pending Locked Dado Pro Set unlike any other! This is theFIRST EVER Dado ever deemed UNI EN847 compliant. This means that while the Dado is rotating, the assembled elements will never come into contact with each other! This is possible thanks to unique blade body design and ‘never before seen’ special “lock spacers”.


  • For flat bottom grooves & virtually splinter-free cuts in solid wood,
  • laminates & melamines, veneer plywood.
  • Orange Shield Coating protects from heat, gumming and corrosion.
  • Innovative Setting Points for chipper alignment.
  • Compatible with most radial arm saws and stationary table saws, including Sawstop. 
  • Ideal for underpowered saws.
  • Includes shims (plastic & magnetic) and plastic ‘‘lock spacers’’ set for micro-thin adjustability.
  • Applications: Dado - Table Saw/Radial Arm Saw
  • Blade Size: 8"
  • Bore: 5/8"
  • Tooth Type: FTG+ATB

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Blades Included:

  • 3 Total Chippers: 3 x 1/8"
  • 3 Locking Nylon Spacers: 1/16"
  • 9 Total Shims: 5x .004”, 2x .008”, magnetic shim .012”, magnetic shim .020”\
  • Kerf Thickness Range: 15/64" to 13/16"
  • Plate Thickness: .098"
  • Model Number: 230.012.08

FTG = Flat Top Grind

ATB = Alternate Tooth Bevel

HiATB = High Angle Alternate Tooth Bevel

TCG = Trapezoidal or Triple Top Grind (top is flat in the middle and sides are beveled)