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CMT Orange Xtreme Compression Flush Trim Bit - Double Bearing

Product Description
  • Cutting diameter: 3/4"; Cutting length 2”; Overall length: 4-1/2": Shank size 1/2" ; Max speed: 18,000 RPM
  • These XTREME flush trim bits guarantee the best possible finish along with extra-long life thanks to one-of-a-kind spiral technology.
  • The compression spiral design, with 4 cutting edges produces a flush trim bit that has an upcut shearing cut on one half of the bit and a downcut shearing action on the other half. This design eliminates splintering and tearout on the top and bottom of the material you’re working with.
  • Double removable bearings allow you to flush trim from either side of the workpiece
  • Made with high quality carbide are crafted using special brazing techniques.
  • Ideal for flush trimming and pattern routing on projects involving solid wood, melamine and veneers.