Gantry Crane Build Plans
Gantry Crane Build Plans

Gantry Crane Build Plans

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Help us make woodworking accessible to all.

For many woodworkers with disabilities, workholding and moving objects around the shop presents a challenge.

The Build Up Initiative aims to deliver devices that assist with workholding so woodworking can truly be accessible to all — whether it's as a hobby or a full-time career.

For a more in-depth look at the initiative and the projects, check out the video released by the director of our charity, Chris Giffrow, as well as the video we released on our channel.


This gantry crane with an electric hoist is a massive help in moving heavy objects around the shop. As designed, it’s capable of lifting objects up to XX lbs (XX kg), and the heavy-duty casters allow a single person to move it freely. For woodworkers with disabilities, this is the ultimate help in lifting and moving heavy boards, assemblies, and even tools.