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Paste Wax (Hard)

Wood By Wright Homemade Paste Wax.

This Pastewax is made from all local ingredients and made in small batches. We are currently offering the two variants that I usually use in my shop. The Beeswax is rendered from Raw honeycomb that I purchase from a local apiary.

Hard Wax Is Made from two parts Beeswax to one part Raw Linseed oil. The Raw linseed oil is cold-pressed from Flax seeds. This wax is perfect for Plane and saw lubrication and rust prevention. I will normally keep the block on my bench to lubricate planes and saws as needed. Each block is about 3 oz of wax and comes wrapped in wax paper. So you can grab the puck of wax and rub it directly on the steel. This wax is also food safe so you could use it as a finish for cutting boards and the like thought it will need heat from rubbing with a polisher or heat gun to work it down into the wood.

Here is how I make the Wax: