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Paste Wax (Soft)

Wood By Wright Homemade Paste Wax.

This Pastewax is made from all local ingredients and made in small batches. We are currently offering the two variants that I usually use in my shop. The Beeswax is rendered from Raw honeycomb that I purchase from a local apiary.

The Soft wax is made from two parts Bees Wax, two parts Home Made Boiled Linseed Oil, and one part mineral spirits (White Spirits). They come in about 4 oz containers. You can wipe on a surface, let it harden, and then polish off the rest. I use this for furniture and the final shine for most finishes. Often, for hand tools, I will use this after a couple of coats of BLO, and it has a fantastic wood feel when done. Due to the thinner, I would not consider this food safe.

Here is how I make the Wax: