Spring-Loaded Corner Chisel
Spring-Loaded Corner Chisel

Spring-Loaded Corner Chisel

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Jonathan’s Hot Take:

Ever struggle to get perfectly crisp and square corners on hinge mortises? This Spring-Loaded Corner Chisel takes care of it with a quick whack.

When placed in the recess of a hinge mortise, the base of the jig self-aligns so the chisel blade is accurately positioned. Give it a tap with a mallet and you’ve got a perfect 90° corner.

If you use a router to cut hinge mortises, door lock recesses, or interior rabbets on picture frames and boxes, this tool is the quickest and most accurate way to square off rounded interior corners.

The blade is made of HSS steel, sharpened and ready to cut, and can be resharpened as necessary.


  • Spring-loaded cutter edge 3/8" x 3/8"
  • HHS steel chisel anvil
  • A perfect 90 degree inside corner