Easy Tip for Better Mallet Swings (Quick Tip)

Easy Tip for Better Mallet Swings (Quick Tip)

Today, I'm sharing a tip that'll help you add some extra oomph to your mallet swings — without you having to work any harder.

It's all about positioning. Specifically, over the leg of your workbench.

You see, when you're using your mallet, the force of your swing isn't just determined by your muscles. It's also about how solid the surface beneath your work is.

If you're hammering away in the middle of your workbench, you're losing a ton of power that could be going into your workpiece.

leg of workbench

So what's the solution? Simple: Position your work directly over a leg of your bench.

Instead of recoiling off the bench, your mallet's energy moves straight through your work and into the leg.

It's like having an extra set of muscles helping out with every swing — and adds a ton of efficiency to your woodworking.

This simple trick makes a massive difference whether you're chopping out deep mortises, chiseling away the last bit of material in a joint, or assembling a project.

So try it out next time you're at the bench. I guarantee you'll feel the difference.

Got any other tips for more efficient mallet swings? Let us know in the comments below!

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Just got the small router table maybe next month for the mallet,

Just got the small router table maybe next month for the mallet,

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